thank you, to…


The La Lucha artists who generously shared their stories, documentation, and images. 

The funders who provided significant financial support:
Humanities New York 
Embrey Family Foundation 
Puffin Foundation 
John DeCuevas 
Yali and Peter Lincroft 

The many individuals who responded to Artmakers’ crowd-sourcing campaign administered by IOBY (In Our Backyards)  

The colleagues and friends who gave their time and expertise in myriad ways:
Libertad Guerra, Alejandro Epifanio & Andrea Gordillo (The Loisaida Center) 
Chino Garcia (CHARAS) 
The members of La Plaza Cultural Community Garden 
Camille Perrottet
Kristin Reed
Tim Drescher 
Jon Crow 
John Hunt 
Graciela Kartofel
Stephanie Osher 
Lynda Rodolitz 
Elena Del Orbe (AdoramaPix) 
Eugene Lee and Wai Lee-Sorce (Rolling Press, Brooklyn, NY) 
NYFA (New York Foundation for the Arts) 




Exhibition curator & catalog editor: Jane Weissman 
Principal photography: Camille Perrottet 

Additional photography:  
Eva Cockcroft
Joe Stephenson
Tim Drescher
Marlis Momber
Don Yorty
Keith Christensen
Kristin Reed
Andrea Gordillo
Margarita Talbot
James Prigoff
Elizabeth McLindon
Marilyn Perez Uncal
Pat Brazill
Jane Weissman 

Catalog design: Kristin Reed
Color Correction: Jon Crow
Exhibition Videos: John Hunt, Maria Dominguez, Philip Pocock 
Video Editing: Ryan John Lee 
Catalog Printing: Rolling Press

Website Design: Alana Salcer
Website Text: Jane Weissman